Medical Genomics Center Director:ANDO, Yuichi (Professor)

Covering a wide range of genomic medicine, from interpretation of the results to counseling.

We are to connect all the medical field and staff with proper genomic medicine to help patients and family members involved.

Operation System

This cross-sectional center consists of 4 sections: Cancer Medical Genomics section, Medical Genomics for Intractable Disease section, Genetic Counseling section, and Genomic Analysis section.

Scope of Medical Services

This hospital is a Core Hospital for Cancer Genome Medical Care designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, as well as a diagnostic center and analysis center for the Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Disease (IRUD) led by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED). In order to make genomic medicine for various diseases, including cancer, widely accessible to the public, it has been recognized and designated as an institution with advanced medical care that leads genomic medicine. In order to practice genome medicine, the institute connects various departments beyond the medical departments and makes sense of the results of genome analysis for the treatment and prevention of patients. In addition to the two genome medicine departments, Genetic Counseling Department provides genetic counseling related to a wide range of diseases, and is a center for the practice and development of comprehensive genome medicine.


As a center, we strive to collaborate with all departments and clinics in the hospital, and one geneticist is designated in each department to provide support for patients and their families with genetic and gene-related concerns. In addition, by collaborating with genome analysis research institutes and medical institutions both inside and outside the hospital, we are able to realize advanced analysis and a medical system that contributes to patients and their families.

Medical Service Results

Cancer Medical Genomics Section

The Division of Cancer Genome Medicine provides Cancer Genome Medicine to patients with cancer, focusing on cancer gene panel tests for insurance purposes. Since February 2018, we have been working to promote cancer genome medicine in the Tokai area as a Core Hospital for Cancer Genome Medical Care, in cooperation with Regional Base Hospitals for Cancer Genome Medicine and cooperating hospitals.

Medical Genomics for Intractable Disease section

Medical Genomics for Intractable Disease section is newly established in the scope of promoting research and development to improve the treatment of rare and intractable diseases.

Genomic Analysis section

We are a diagnostic center for IRUD (Initiative on Rare and Undiagnosed Disease) working together with Graduate school of Medicine, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine of Nagoya University and have experience in genome analysis for various diseases.

Genetic Counseling section

We provide genetic counseling for more than 300 cases a year, mainly for patients in our hospital, but also for their families.