Department of Infectious Diseases Director:YAGI, Tetsuya (Professor)

Multidisciplinary team for infection control & prevention and support for treating nosocomial infections in Nagoya University Hospital

This department specializes in promoting cross-departmental nosocomial infection control and prevention activities and officially manages the Japan Infection Prevention and Control Conference for National and Public University Hospitals.

Medical Care System

Department consists of 6 doctors (including 4 ICDs), 4 nurses (including 2 certified infection control nurses), and 1 clerical staff. In addition to these members, 2 microbiological technicians, 4 pharmacists, and microbiology researchers, members from various medical departments and occupations (31 members in total) were included in infection control team in Nagoya University Hospital. We are working on infection control, providing infectious disease medical care supports, antimicrobial stewardship programs and vaccination services for HCWs and patients (outpatient clinic once a week).We enhance the activity toward antimicrobial stewardship with antimicrobial stewardship team since 2018.
We coordinate as the secretariat of the Japan Infection Prevention and Control Conference for National and Public University Hospitals.

Target Diseases

Surveillance for drug-resistant bacteria and various healthcare-associated infections, planning and implementation of infection control measures, consultation on cases of refractory infections, promotion of appropriate antimicrobial therapy, measures against occupational infections (management of needlestick injuries or blood exposure, and vaccinations, etc.).


Cross-sectional activities for planning and implementing infection control measures. Rapid feed back of clinical microbiological information to doctors in charge in cooperation with the microbiology laboratory.

Clinical Results

Standardization in reprocessing endoscopes, vaccination outpatient clinic, infection control management for novel influenza and outbreak control of drug resistant bacteria, consultations for diagnosis and treatment of difficult-to-treat infectious diseases, and support in the treatment for positive blood culture cases (about 1,500 cases annually).

Advanced Medicine and Research

Clinical and microbiological research on drug resistant bacterial infections and mycobacterial infections.