Inflammatory bowel disease center Acting Director:Goro Nakayama (Assciate Professor)

out-patient clinic for the patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease

This clinic gives the time and knowledge for the patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) by an IBD team consisting of expert doctors and medical staffs including nurses, pharmacists and nutritionists. We provide multidisciplinary approaches for refractory IBD patients by internal and surgical aspects, and a patient will receive medicine, surgery and posto perative care comfortably by close connection between internal physicians, surgeons, and medical staffs. We make effort to support the rehabilitation into life events such as, going to school, getting pregnant, giving birth to a baby and so on.

Operation System

On afternoons, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

Scope of Medical Services

Consultation by expert doctors of inflammatory bowel disease


Closed connection between internal physicians, surgeons, and medical staffs

Strong Fields

Endoscopy series, small bowel endoscopy (capsule endoscopy, double-balloon endoscopy), laparoscopic surgery, pelvic and anal surgeries

Clinical Results

Ulcerative colitis about 400 patients, Crohn’s disease about 300 patients.

Operation Results

Crohn’s disease about 400 cases, Ulcerative colitis about 200 cases

Advanced Medicine and Research

This center has several clinical trials and clinical researches , obtaining competitive fund supports. We provide the fecal microbiota trans

Other Undertakings

Internal physicians and surgeons see IBD patients at the same place and exchange information of patient and diseases timely.