Heart Failure Center Director:MUTSUGA, Masato (Professor)

A multidisciplinary, multitalented team of experts battle severe heart failure

We provide advanced medical care including ventricular assist devices and heart transplantations to patients with heart failure.

Operation System

A multidisciplinary comprehensive clinical team comprising specialists from diverse disciplines such ascardiologists, cardiac surgeons, coordinators, and certified ventricular assist system technologists ensures smooth and efficient management of severe heart failure.

Scope of Medical Services

In response to drastic increases in refractory heart failure, we provide comprehensive treatment ranging from heart transplantations and ventricular assist devices to palliative care. Our multidisciplinary team supports a patient’s decisions throughout his/her life, and includes psychological support to deal with anxiety about the illness and treatment.


We currently conduct the largest number of implanted and extracorporeal ventricular assist device procedures in Aichi Prefecture. As the only certified heart transplantation institution in the Chubu (Central Japan) region, we can provide heart transplantations.

Medical Service Results

Currently, 47 patients are awaiting heart transplantations. We have been experienced 88 patients with implantable ventricular assist devices, 64 patients with extracorporeal ventricular assist devices. We also have been experienced 10 heart transplantations (as of April, 2022).

Other Undertakings

If a referred patient cannot come to our hospital independently due to his/her illness, a team from our hospital may visit the referring institution to explain treatment options. We will propose an optimal treatment policy in cooperation with the referring hospital to ensure the patient can be transferred to our care swiftly, and with no compromise in hemodynamics. After transfer, we will try to keep the referring institution informed.