Speech and Hearing Center Director:SONE, Michihiko (Professor)

Providing appropriate support and medical care for all patients with hearing impairment

Diagnosis of hearing loss, including genetic diagnosis, search for the cause of hearing loss using MRI, the introduction of hearing aids, cochlear implant surgery are performed in collaboration with various professionals from various departments.

Business Structure

The team consists of four physicians and three speech therapists. The center's cross-functional team of professional staff aims to provide medical care and support that will enable the center to provide higher quality medical services.

Scope of work

The center was established to provide integrated diagnosis, testing, and treatment for patients with hearing impairment and comprehensive support for children and persons with hearing loss and cochlear implant users. The center focuses on diagnosing, searching for causes, treatment, and support for hearing loss.

Special Features

Inner ear imaging

In Meniere's disease and delayed endolymphatic hydrops, endolymphatic hydrops are considered related. We are the first to successfully visualize endolymphatic hydrops using contrast-enhanced MRI scans and have used this information in our medical treatment. Contrast-enhanced MRI is also used to evaluate the prognosis of inner ear disorders such as sudden hearing loss.

Cochlear Implantation

We perform the most cochlear implant surgeries in the Tokai area, from children to the elderly, even bilateral simultaneous surgeries. After surgery, our team provides a rehabilitation program to support language development.

Hereditary Hearing Loss

It is estimated that at least 50% of congenital hearing loss is genetic, and the causative gene is known to exist in some cases of progressive hearing loss. We offer insurance-paid genetic testing for hearing loss and additional genetic testing in collaboration with other medical institutions.