General Medicine Director:SATO, Juichi(Clinical Professor)

The department where patients can seek for help whenever they are not sure which specialities are appropriate

Our department provides comprehensive medicine, which takes into consideration the physical and mental aspects of patients, patient’s family, and community environment.

Medical Care System

Seven academic personnel (including academic personnel of Department of Education for Community-Oriented Medicine and Center for Postgraduate Clinical Training and Career Development), two doctors, one senior residents and five registered trainee doctors provide medical care every day to patients in two to three revisit outpatient examination rooms and two first-visit outpatient examination rooms and seven inpatients beds.

Target Diseases

We provide medical care to patients for whom a certain department cannot be specified. If a patient needs to see a specialist, we refer the patient to a specialized department. We also accept consultations from specialized departments.

Strong Fields

We identify various health problems of patients, interpret them comprehensively, and finally solve them. We consider prevention, medical care, and welfare as a continuum and are involved in each component.

Clinical Results

The daily number of revisit outpatients is about 50, and the daily number of first-visit outpatients is 5 to 10. For inpatient medical care, we are in charge of around eight beds and see two to five patients as a consultant. We also provide support for emergency department visits during operating hours by seeing walk-in emergency patients. We accept about 30 consultations from other departments a month.

Specialized Outpatient Clinic

Kampo Medicine: Monday and Thursday

Advanced Medicine and Research

We conduct various researches such as research on education, research on medical care, and epidemiological research. What is common among these researches is that it is based on questions and the needs arising in clinical settings or medical education.