Electronic Medical Record Management Office Manager:MATSUSHITA,Tadashi(Professor)

Support hospital operations by managing and improving electronic medical records

The Electronic Medical Record Management Office is a system management department that manages and operates the Hospital Information Management System, the electronic medical record of Nagoya University Hospital to ensure effective management of all medical information and to support the provision of patient safety and improvement of the quality of medical care.It supports hospital operations by organizing requests and issues related to electronic medical records and medical information, and promoting responses.

Operation System

The director, deputy director, and members of the office (faculty members, medical staff, etc.) work in collaboration with medical information engineers and medical information managers of the Medical Affairs Section.

Scope of Medical Services

  • Operation and management of electronic medical records (hospital information management system), including help desk support
  • Operational support for various departmental systems
  • Hardware management of servers, computers, printers, network equipment, etc.
  • Determination and implementation of policies for responding to requests for improvements to the hospital information management system
  • Management of computer information security and educational activities for users
  • Planning and proposal for further promotion of medical informatization for the next system
  • Support for the management and utilization of medical information
  • Other issues related to the management of the hospital information management system and medical information

About the hospital information management system

Currently, we are working on the operation and management of the 7th Hospital Information Comprehensive System, which started operation in January 2018. The next (8th) system is scheduled to start operation in 2024.
The next (8th) system is scheduled to go into operation in FY2024, and will contribute to the provision of safer and higher quality medical care through information and communication technology.