Continence Information Center Acting Director:KATOH, Masashi (Associate Professor)

Committing ourselves to the treatment of continence disorders

This center serves local communities by making full use of the expertise and human resources of Nagoya University with the aim of QOL improvement of elderly people through improvement in continence treatment.

Operation System

This center consists of two urologists (concurrent doctor) and one administrative staff member.

Scope of Medical Services

This center provides various services and operations for continence control improvement in collaboration with municipalities and commercial establishment (e.g., NPO Aichi Continence Care Society). The services an d operations include workshops, open lectures, counsel through the Internet, and training of paramedical staff specializing continence care.

Strong Fields

This center provides promotion, training, information service, construction of local networks, and counsel regarding continence treatment.


The following efforts are made by this center:
- Provision of information through website: (in Japanese)
- Building interactive consulting system
- Training of paramedical staff specializing continence care

Medical Service Results

This center has conducted the following services:
- Public lectures (once a year)
- Local workshops (about five times a year)
- Education and training of 300 Licensed Continence Nurses since 2004
- Publication of Guideline of Continence Care for the Elderly
- Internet counseling service (about 200 counseling)
- Continence care and control training workshop (once a year)

Other Undertakings

This center conducted the “Development of Care Site Evaluation Criteria and Local Models on Continence Rehabilitation for the Elderly at Care Site and Home” project, which is a“ Comprehensive Research Project on Longevity Science” funded by the Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (fiscal year 2005 to 2007: Prof. Gotoh ’s team). Moreover, the center created a local continence control model in cooperation with local comprehensive support centers, hospitals, elderly care facilities, home-visit nursing care service, and medical associations in Hekinan-city, Aichi Prefecture.