Center for Community Liaison and Patient Consultations Director:SUZUKI,Yusuke (Clinical Associate Professor)

Joining hands with communities, prioritising patients’quality of life

This core division of our hospital supports community liaison in medical services, nursing, and caregiving.

Operation System

The center is staffed by a multidisciplinary team of 2 doctors, 9 nurses, 11 medical social workers, 3 cancer counselors, 3 patient complaint clerks, 1 pharmacist, and 9 clerks. Cross-functional feature of the center enables it to provide various support programs that link hospitals and local communities. The main activities of the center are as follows:

  • Supporting discharge plans for inpatients
  • Supporting referrals of patients from / back to the community
  • Providing information about available services
  • Consultations with patients and families
  • Providing opportunities for health promotion

Scope of Medical Services

Local support nurses and medical social workers collaborate to coordinate homecare and hospital transfers for patients being discharged from our hospital. The Hospital-to-Clinic Collaboration Group makes the necessary arrangements for hospital-to-clinic collaboration and hospital-to-hospital collaboration (providing and accepting introductions). The center provides counseling on a wide range of issues, such as continued healthcare and the medical welfare system. In addition, it provides the information and support that patients need in order to utilize community resources.


The center is run in a cross-organizational manner bringing professionals from different fields together to flexibly execute the functions required for liaison with community healthcare. Our motto is to establish a Quality Of Life‒based support structure to help patients accomplish the Activities of Daily Life.

Medical Service Results

The number of patients who receive support before discharge has been steadily increasing, reaching a total of 1,756 in fiscal year 2021. The number of registered doctors / facilities promoting collaboration among medical facilities in the community exceeded 3,350 as of March 2022. This center proactively holds lectures for registered doctors, workshops on community liaison by multidisciplinary teams, and in-house workshops for optimal discharge planning.

Other Undertakings

The center plans and hosts a variety of symposiums aimed to promote liaison with communities.