Department of Clinical Laboratory Director:MATSUSHITA, Tadashi (Professor)

We aim to make further improvements to support safer and higher-quality medical care

Our department consists of doctors and clinical laboratory technologists. We aim to support the most advanced medical care as a clinical laboratory department of a university hospital, which is responsible for providing highly advanced medical treatment, to respond to the demand of the staff working in clinical settings, and to quickly perform lab tests any time as patients demand.

Operation System

We accept requests for tests made off-hours (nights and holidays) as well as requests made in the day shift of weekdays, and we provide real-time (quick)reporting of all tests except for special tests or outsourced tests. We aim to report the test results of inpatients before the doctor's round and to report the test results of outpatients before consultation. The physiology laboratoryprovides safe and high-quality medical services. In May 2009, we moved the opening time of the central blood sampling room back 30 minutes to 8:00 a.m. to shorten the waiting time for blood sampling.

Scope of Medical Services

In addition to laboratory tests such as general tests, hematology, chemistry, immunology and serology tests, gene tests, and bacteriology, we conduct physiologic tests such as circulatory tests, respiratiory tests, and neurophysiological tests.


We have introduced an internationally standardized clinical test method and promptly report accurate results, using high-precision autoanalyzers, for the staff working in clinical settings. The physiological laboratory provides patients with safe and high-quality medical care using the latest high-performance medical devices.

Other Undertakings

We considered that it is our greatest responsibility to provide higher-quality medical care to patients, aimed to make further improvements, and obtained ISO15189:2012 certification (a certification given to laboratories that meet the criteria of "Medical laboratories - Particular requirements for quality and competence") in fiscal year 2015.