Department of Blood Transfusion Service Director:MATSUSHITA, Tadashi (Professor)

Aiming at opening doors to medical staff in various fields

The department consists of two full-time doctors, one part-time doctor, six clinical technologists, and two resident nurses. Any time we, Department of Blood Transfusion Service, open a door for every medical staff in various fields.

Scope of Medical Services


Accept transfusion orders and prepare blood for blood transfusions, examination required for transfusion, collection and storage of stem cells required for cell therapy and bone marrow concentration, collection and storage of autologous blood donation of preoperative patients, and other various kinds of consultation for blood transfusion therapy.


The department provides guidelines for the administration of blood products for massive bleeding during surgery. We also provide consultation for DIC and other coagulation abnormalities, collect and preserve peripheral blood stem cells, mononuclear cells, and lymphocytes by apheresis and manage products for CAR-T therapy.


Promoting proper use of blood products through consultation for blood transfusion therapy, and reducing amount of preparations (especially, fresh frozen plasma and blood platelets). Promoting the conversion of unused blood product, and planning to largely reduce dispose of preparations.

Advanced Medicine and Research

As part of advanced regenerative medicine, we provide support for research on CAR-T therapy and antigen-specific CTL therapy.