Department of Advanced Medicine Director:MIZUNO, Masaaki(Clinical Professor)

Department that explores new medical treatments to lead the next generation

We develop new medical services as a creative center for novel medical technology through the development of next-generation medical care.

Operation System

Nagoya University Hospital reorganized the “Department of Advanced Medicine” in August 2018, by separating the Data Quality Control Division from the Clinical Research Division of the formerly the Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research (CAMCR) and integrating these two centers.

Scope of Medical Services

CAMCR strives to develop new medical services for the next generation through harmonization of translational science and regulatory science. It has 2 major divisions: Advanced Medicine Division and Clinical Research Division. Advanced Medicine Division is primarily in charge of the processes ranging from basic research to first-in-human clinical trials. On the other hand, Clinical Research Division is primarily responsible for the processes subsequent to the initiation of clinical studies and endeavors to manage the processes under ICH-GCP wherever possible in an attempt to ensure the reliability of advanced medicine and investigator-initiated clinical trials.Data Coordinating Center also strives to secure scientific validity and reliability of clinical trials through the quality control process of clinical data. It is charged to secure scientific validity and reliability of clinical trials by performing quality control of clinical data. From an objective standpoint, specialists in the area of clinical data monitoring, clinical data management, and biostatistics support clinical researchers in building and managing EDC-based data collection systems, monitoring clinical data including instructions to researchers, planning and conducting data analysis, and creating reports.


Nagoya University Hospital has been designated as a Translational Research Center since 2012, a Core Clinical Research Hospital since 2016, and a Core Hospital for Cancer Genome Medical Care since 2018. In 2022, Translational Research Center became accredited by theMinister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Nagoya University Hospital is also at the heart of the 14 Chubu-area facilities, 11 university hospitals and 3 centers, which consist of the Chubu Regional Consortium for Advanced Medicine (C-CAM) aiming to dispatch novel medical treatment to the world.