Administration Office Director:FUJIE,Susumu

Processing a variety of administrative work and supporting smooth hospital operations

The Administration Office processes a variety of administrative work of this hospital as well as the graduate school of medicine and school of medicine. Fast, smooth processing is made through collaboration with each department.

Operation System

The following functions are controlled by the Administrative Director:Assistant Administrative Director, General Affairs Division, Personnel Affairs and Labor Division, Student Affairs Division, Management Planning Division, Accounting Division, Facilities Control Group, Medical Affairs Division, and General Administration Division, Daiko Campus.

Scope of Medical Services

General Affairs Division

This division designs, plans, and improves hospital management and operations, publicizes our services, plans clinical training, managing hospital evaluations and handles administrative tasks related to the safety management of medical care and prevention of nosocomial infections.

Personnel Affairs and Labor Division

This division handles the administration of human resources, payroll, labor management, benefits and welfare, and occupational safety and health.

Student Affairs Division

Services related to studentship, school affairs, student life, support for students, international exchange, and foreign students, etc.

Management Planning Division

This Division provides administrative support related to the hospital’s business plans and analysis, budgets, settlement of accounts, contracted research, joint research, contracted business, and receipt of external funds such as grants and donations. Administrative support is also provided for advanced medicine as well as a review of research ethics and related matters.

Accounting Division

This division handles the accounting of pharmaceuticals and medical materials, and specified procurement contracts.

Facilities Control Group

This division designs, plans, and improves facilities and equipment for future hospital design. The division also handles improvements to the in-house environment, asset management, security, and the prevention of fire and disaster.

Medical Affairs Division

This division is involved in medical service contracts, billing and receipt of medical fees, acceptance of patients, patient reimbursement claims on medical fees, application of a comprehensive evaluation system regarding medical fees, and the management and disclosure of medical records. It also handles a variety of administrative work related to the clinical laboratory and examination center, the functionsof a core hospital, team medicine, patient service, complaints, counseling, regional medical cooperation and so on.

Daiko Campus General Administration Office

Services related to the Graduate School of Medicine (Daiko Campus) and the School of Health Sciences.