Promoting interdisciplinary research and leading molecular target-based treatments that transform next-generation medicine

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The most important challenge for medicine in the 21st century is conquering cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease. Previously, research into neurodegenerative diseases caused by the death of specific nervous cells, and cancer, which is abnormal growth of cells, used to be conducted separately because of their differences. At this Center, however, for more than ten years now, researchers of these two types of disease have been collaborating following the discovery of functional molecules common to neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, hoping to apply research results on each side to diagnosis and treatment on the other. Other research centers have since followed this Center's example, making it the world's leader in the field for its foresight.

This Center's ultimate objective is to develop molecular target-based treatments of neurodegenerative disorders and cancer. A number of treatment methods targeted at functional molecules common to the pathogenesis of the two disease types are currently in the clinical testing stage, only one step away from application to human patients, with this Center's research results attracting attention from all over the world. This Center's program is characterized by its full scope of research from fundamental studies to practical application. Collaborations with the National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology and the Aichi Cancer Center, Japan's top research centers specializing in neurodegenerative disorders and cancer, also add strength to the educational and research functions of the Program.