VOLUME 34 NUMBER 4 March 1972

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ISSN 2186-3326
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I131 Treatment of Hyperthyroidism
Analysis of 369 Cases Treated with an Initial Dose of 15 mc or Less

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I131 Treatment for Toxic Diffuse Goiter
Analysis of 1056 Cured Cases

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Renal Glomerulography in Fourfold Magnification

pg(s) 297 - 302

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Selective renal angiogrgphy in 7 patients with normal kidneys, taken in fourfold magnification, using a special X-ray tube with a very fine focal spot less than 0.05 mm in diameter, revealed numerous small linear shadows of interlobular arteries accompanied with small granular punctiform shadows of glomeruli in the cortex, as well as in the medulla.
In order to obtain the glomerular phase of opacification after injection of contrast media through the Odman's green cathter, serial angiograms were taken with one film per second for 5 to 10 seconds. Similar small granular punctiform shadows were seen in magnified angiograms using the same technique in the kidney of a living dog. These shadows were verified, by means of microangiography, to be glomeruli and interlobular arteries.
Bedeutung der 131I-BSP (Bromsulfalein) und 131I-RB (Bengalrot) Serien Szintiphotographie in der Diagnostik der Gallen-Weg und Blasen Krankheiten

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Szinti-Kamera Darstellung der Leber mit 99mTc-Sulfur Kolloid Beim Atem-Anhalten

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Study on the Sensitivity Test of Carcinostatic Agents by Acid Phosphatase Activity

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A new method of tumor sensitivity test by measurement of the activity of acid phosphatase was presented.
Treatment of experimental tumor cells with mitomycin C, chromomycin Aa and 5-fiuorouracil showed that deviation index of the specific activity ran well parallel with viability of the cells in vitro. The deviation index of tumor cells was also in agreement with survival times of tumor bearing mice treated with these drugs. Side effects appeared in animals having high values of deviation indices of liver cells. The effectiveness of the drugs was expressed by the values obtained from tumor cells minus those obtained from liver cells. In case of cyclophosphamide, however, it was difficult to judge by this method.
In the therapy with mitomycin C, the response was well correlated with the deviation index of tumor cells and the side effect was also correlated with the deviation index of liver cells.
This method could predict the effectiveness of carcinostatic agent especially short acting cytocidal drugs.