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Our laboratory is interested in discovering new therapeutic methods against advanced cancer based on host anti-cancer immunity.

Our interests focus in two main topics which include oncolytic virus and anti-cancer cell therapy.

We are using natural mutated herpes simplex virus, HF10 which has been studied in USA as well as in Japan. This oncolytic virus is well known for its effect on "continuous replication with infection of neighboring cells and killing cancer cells without any damage to normal cells". HF10 is drastically different from former virus vectors. Recent studies have shown that oncolytic virus affects host immune response against specific cancer antigens, therefore it inhibits systemic metastasis.

As for cell therapy, we are interested in genetically modified receptor T-cell lymphocytes, which target cancer specific antigens on cancer cell surface. Our laboratory is studying a new generation technology for genetically modified receptor T-cell lymphocyte using iPS. We are amassing basic research data and eager to make a bridge to clinical trials with the goal of making a substantial difference in each patient's prognosis.


Nov. 2021

Our paper has been published in Nagoya Journal of Medical Science.

Oct. 2021

Dr.Kasuya gave a presentation at the 6th Annual Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit (2021/10/26〜28 Boston: online).


Sep. 2021

Mohamed gave poster presentation at the 80th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer-Association (2021/9/30〜10/2 Yokohama)

Jul. 2021

Our paper has been published in International Journal of Cancer.

Jun. 2021

Our paper has been published in MDPI Cells.

Oct. 2019

Dr.Kasuya gave a presentation at the 12th International Oncolytic Virotherapy Conference.(Rochester,America)

Apr. 2019

Dr.Kasuya gave a presentation at the ANTI-CANCER DRUG DISCOVERY 2019.(Tanta,Egypt)

Apr. 1 2019

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May. 28 2018

"Members" page was updated.

Apr. 2018 Dr.Kasuya gave a presentation at the International Oncolytic Virus Conference.(Oxford,England)

Jan. 4 2018

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Jun. 1 2017

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Mar.13 2017

Our paper was published in an online journal, Oncolytic Virotherapy (Volume 2017-6).
Title: Curative effect of HF10 on liver and peritoneal metastasis mediated by host antitumor immunity

Nov. 11 2016

"Members" page was updated.

Dec. 2016 Dr. Hideki Kasuya gave a lecture at the 2nd Oncolytic Virotherapy Summit. (San Diego, CA)

Oct. 2016 Dr. Hideki Kasuya gave a presentation at a symposium of the 54th annual meeting of Japan Society of Clinical Oncology. (Yokohama, Japan)

Oct. 2016 Dr. Yoshinori Naoe gave a presentation at the 10th International Meeting on Replicating Oncolytic Virus Therapeutics. (Vancouver, Canada)