Brain Protein Aging and Dementia Control: International Research Activities Supporting Program - Scientific Research on Innovative Areas, a MEXT Grant-in-Aid Project FY2014-2018

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The supporting program for international research activities is composed by three research groups (7 members), 21 public offering researchers and the office of international affairs.
Dr. Gen Sobue, leader of this program, is responsible for promoting international activities in cooperation with other group members.

In this program, there are 2 committees such as “the committee for international collaborative research promotion (Dr. Hideyuki Okano, Dr. Kazuhiko Yanai and Dr. Akihiko Takashima) and “the committee for promoting international exchange program for young researchers (Dr. Masato Hasegawa, Dr. Naruhiko Sahara and Dr. Osamu Onodera).

We aim at accelerating our research on a global basis in cooperation with the major and leading international projects relating to our research theme. Also, we aim at enhancing our presence internationally and publishing co-authored papers with distinguished foreign researchers.

Furthermore, we aim at deepening our discussion with cutting-edge researchers not only in Japan but also in other countries as well as promoting international programs for young researchers.

Duties and Responsibilities Name Affiliation
Director Gen Sobue Nagoya University
the committee for international collaborative research promotion Kazuhiko Yanai Tohoku University
Akihiko Takashima Gakushuin University
Hideyuki Okano Keio University
Hirohisa Watanabe Nagoya University
Nobuyuki Okamura Tohoku Medical and Pharamaceutical University
Seiji Shiozawa Keio University
the committee for promoting international exchange program for young researchers Masato Hasegawa Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science
Osamu Onodera Niigata University
 Naruhiko Sahara National Institute of Radiological Sciences
Shinsuke Ishigaki Nagoya University
Tomohiro Miyasaka Doshisha University
Masaya Ikegawa Doshisha University
International Affairs Office of International Affairs of “Brain Protein Aging and Dementia Control” Program Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine

(as of October 2016)