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Jan 30, 2018

Report of The 2nd International Symposium

The 2nd International Symposium of “Brain Protein Aging and Dementia Control Project” was held at Midland Hall in Nagoya on November 2 (Thur.) and 3 (Fri.), 2017.
On the first day, the symposium started at 12:30 pm with an opening speech by Dr. Gen Sobue, director of this project. Following his speech, Dr. Jaime Grutzendler(Yale University), Dr. Benjamin Wolozin (Boston University), Dr. James Ironside (Edinburgh University), five our research group leaders and one public offering member talked on ”Molecular bases of brain protein aging”, “Molecular mechanisms of the propagations” and “Brain protein aging and development of therapy “ respectively.
After all sessions of the first day were finished, the information exchange meeting was held in the same venue. This meeting was a very good opportunity to promote collaborative researches in the future as well as to deepen exchange of opinions and to share ideas with researchers from not only Japan but also those from overseas.
The second day of the symposium started at 9 am with talks by two public offering members on “Visualization of molecular mechanism”. After keynote lectures by Dr. Yadong Huang (California University) and Dr. Michael Strong (Western University), Dr. Nicholas Kanaan (Michigan State University), Dr. Mony de Leon (New York University), three research group leaders and one public offering member talked on “Molecular mechanism of brain protein aging” and “Visualization of brain protein aging” respectively.
All outstanding speakers in their research field talked on cutting-edge research achievements. The discussion was very active and fruitful. We believe that all participants obtained meaningful information related to their own research field through this international symposium.
In addition to the oral presentations, the poster presentation was held for two days. It was a good opportunity for researchers, especially for young ones, to have a chance to discuss their researches with domestically and internationally distinguished researchers.
In two days, more than two hundred researchers and faculties participated in the symposium. We were very glad to know that ”Brain Protein Aging and Dementia Control” project was highly evaluated by all invited speakers. We believe that this symposium highly contributed to the improvement of recognition as well as further development of our research project not only in Japan but also all over the world.
Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you all for your cooperation and participation in the 2nd international symposium.

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