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Industry-Academia Collaborative ChairDepartment of Human Life Cord Cell Therapy

The Collaborative Research Laboratory of Human Life CORD Applied Cell Medicine

This laboratory was established by Nagoya University Graduate School of Medicine and Human Life CORD inc. with the aim of developing preventive and therapeutic measures for sarcopenia.

Sarcopenia, which has a phenotype of skeletal muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, and physical function decline, is attracting attention as a pathological condition that is greatly related to healthy life expectancy in Japan, a super-aged society.

On the other hand, the preventive/therapeutic intervention measures for this pathological condition are limited, and the development of more aggressive intervention measures is desired in the future.

In the department of Community Healthcare & Geriatrics, (geriatrics), we have been continuously conducting basic research on sarcopenia. Based on these experiences, the purpose of this collaborate research laboratory is to clarify the effects of cell therapy using umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells on sarcopenia and its mechanism through basic research for the purpose of future clinical application.