Working Groups

Building Japan-UK Research Collaboration Climate Change
Building Japan-UK Research Collaboration Climate Change, Tokyo, 29-30 November 2018

Open Cultural Heritage Scholarship
Which are new research directions and business opportunities at the intersection of open scholarship and cultural heritage?

RENKEI PAX School & Workshop
How can we lay the intellectual foundations for building peace in our times? How should we deal with the trauma of historical injustices that have contemporary relevance?

Aerospace Engineering Workshop: Engaging with Industry
What are the current modes of collaboration with the aerospace industry - where are the areas of best practice and what can we do to build upon this work?

Living with an Ageing Society
How can we make a rapidly ageing society a better place? How could we use cross-disciplinary approaches that could contribute to provide solutions to the challenges of an ageing society?

Renaissance Entrepreneurship
How can entrepreneurs help us achieve harmony between young and old? How should we tackle the social issues that arise in the course of demographic change?

Understanding Global Challenges
What pathways can cities take to become more sustainable in terms of their energy supply and consumption?

Japan-UK Joint Workshop on Aerospace Engineering
How can we foster globally minded young researchers in the field of aerospace engineering?

RENKEI Researcher Development School
Do early career researchers in the UK and Japan have the necessary skills to collaborate across cultures and research fields?