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About a past study:The analysis  of the painmechanism is important as warning system of the living body, however, on the other hand, we suffer from the pain with pains more than required and a chronic disease. We can regard the chronic pain as one disease group itself. In our laboratory, we studied neuroanatomy of the chemistry pro-analysis of inflammation, the nervous system damage,  which a malignant tumor caused and the mechanism of the internal organs ache, morphology of the primary afferent nerves by 2) monas cell marks method, 3) sense of pain conduction using 1) various animal disease models. We made full use of a form, physiology, molecular cytologic technique and, on the basis of the importance of understanding a life phenomenon from molecules to the individual level, pushed forward a study.


Faculty Post Department
Hiroshi Kiyama
ProfessorFunctional Anatomy and Neuroscience


Program Program in Function Construction Medicine
Field Anatomy and Cell Biology
Department Functional Anatomy and Neuroscience

Research Keywords

Nuron regeneration, funtion of the splicing regulators:RBM5 and RBM10,