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Access Map

Central Consultation Building

As of August 1, 2014

Floor Central Consultation Building
7F Department of NursingAdministration Office / Meeting Room
6F Surgical Intensive Care Unit
Emergency and Medical Intensive Care Unit
Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research
5F Department of Surgical Center
Chart Course Room
4F Department of Quality and Patient Safety
Department of Medical Supplies
Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research
Center for Maternal-Neonatal Care
Department of Blood Purification(Dialysis Room)
Department of Clinical Engineering
3F Department of Clinical Laboratory
(e.g.,endoscope cleaning room and laboratory testing) /
Auditorium /
Department of Blood Transfusion Service / 
Center of National University Hospital for Infection Control (ICT)
Department of Pathology
Meetng Room
2F Department of Clinical Laboratory(Genetic Screen,Laboratory testing,Microorganism Testing and Pathological Testing Rooms) /
Department of Rehabilitation (Speech Therapy Room)
Central Block of Radiology (MR Examination Room)
NADIC Hall (Nagoya Disease Information Center)
Department of Endoscopy
Administration Office
Central Phlebotomy Room
Clinical Nutrition /
Tsukushi Library
1F General Medicine / Outpatient Chemotherapy Room
Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
Central Block of Radiology (X-ray Room)
Center for Postgraduate Clinical Training and Career Development
Disaster Prevention Center
After-Hours Consultation Reception
B1F Central Block of Radiology(RI Examination Room / PET Room) /
Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research